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Better Than New

RV Rally

I've been to a lot of 'events' over the years and I will flatly state that this was the most impressive in almost every area: ORGANIZATION - WOW! What an outstanding setup. SEMINARS - WOW! Great content, well moderated, knowledgeable speakers, PA for the speakers and the questions, handouts.... ATTENDEES - WOW! Great group of people. Everyone friendly and willing to share. It was wonderful to meet so many of my internet friends in person.  VENDORS - WOW! Where did all my money go????

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It's HER Fault

What woman doesn't want oak cabinets, marble countertops, and a full size tub? Does she even care how heavy all that crap is? No. And the caveman she's married to really wants to shove his foot into the 7.3 litres of raw diesel power necessary to force nine tons of "homeyness" down the slab at 100 feet per second.

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For Sale

1977 GMC Transmode 455 toronado engine 37,000 miles (Saint Petersburg) $4000

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A Trip To The RV Show

The RV industry has completely lost its way. It is fueled by low quality crap made to gleam a bit brighter than last year's crap.  Only one thing stands between the industry's annual $37 billion and total collapse-- an informed consumer.

Not to worry, un-informed consumers  are apparently breeding in leaky campers across the land and returning annually  to RV shows like the Swallows of Capistrano with starry eyes and open checkbooks...

Diesel Pusher: Depreciation Poster Child

Extreme depreciation? Maybe not. The total cost of ownership of a 3 year old, used, RV is approximately half of the cost of owning a new RV.  Most 3 year old RVs have a lot more value than half of the cost of a new RV.  This argues that if one is concerned about ownership cost, you should seriously consider buying a previously loved RV.  The total cost of ownership will be about half what driving off the lot in a new rig will cost.

GMC Motorhomes In Canada

GMCs in the Canadian Provinces:


TRAVEL AID: Roadtrippers Website / App

Simply put in the beginning and ending points your journey or even day trip, and Roadtrippers will prepare a route using Google Maps route to get you there with places to check out during your drive. read..

Convert Onan to Inverter Generator

Recently, we found the Dometic brand portable 3000 watt generator. Will the unit, sound insulation, the modifications and installation, everything that needs to happen to make this generator work for us be in a cost range that fits a budget? Oh boy, THIS truly is the big question!